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About Me

I am Kirsten, a lawyer, full-time dogmom and passionate about healthy food. I have been surrounded by dogs all my life. Since I got my own dog, I have started to immerse myself more in the world of dog food. As a result, I started training as an Integrated Nutritional Therapist at the Center for Naturopathy and Animals. This gave rise to Tiger Lily, named after my own dog, Lily, a black English Cocker Spaniel. 

I look at each animal and owner individually, no one size fits all. Everyone's budget, vision, family,... is different, with respect for all these components I am happy to help you and your four-legged friend live a healthier and better life.



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Itching - Allergies - Puppies - Kittens - Seniors - Sports dogs - Weight loss - Illness - Optimization of current nutrition - .....

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